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Felony Division
The Felony Division attorneys, by assignment of the court, represent indigent individuals in Cuyahoga County charged with Felony offenses. The felony attorneys represent clients in trials, probation violation hearings, hearings to determine whether psychiatric hospitalization needs to be continued, and hearings for first-time offenders (Diversion). The attorneys also represent individuals seeking post-sentence relief, such as expungement, shock probation and jail time credit. Call (216) 443-7223 for more information.

Appellate Division
The Appellate Division attorneys represent clients in the appelate process. The Appellate attorneys file direct appeals to the Eighth District Court of Appeals (Cuyahoga County), the Ohio Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. They also file "post-conviction" motions in State and Federal Court. The Appellate division attorneys and staff handle over 200 requests yearly from non-clients for legal advice. Call (216) 443-7583 for more information.

Juvenile Division
The Juvenile Division attorneys represent indigent minors in delinquency and unruly matters. This representation includes cases which the State desires to prosecute or "bindover" the child to adult court. The Juvenile Division attorneys also represent parent of children who have been removed from the home by the Department of Children and Family Services. The Juvenile Division does not provide representation for individuals involved in custody disputes, maternity determinations or matters of child support. Call (216) 443-7295 for more information.

Municipal Division
The Municipal Division provides representation of nearly all persons determined to be indigent and facing misdemeanor charges under state statute and the municipal ordinances of the City of Cleveland for which incarceration is a possible consequence. This would include the representation of persons charged with offenses such as petty theft, simple assault, DUI, Driving Under Suspension and Domestic Violence.

  • Important notices: The municipal Division accepts walk-in clients, subject to indigency screening and need not be formally appointed by the judges of the Cleveland Municipal Court to provide representation to those charged with misdemeanor violations.

    The Municipal Division does not provide representation to persons charged with routine traffic offenses such as speeding, equipment violations and parking tickets.

    The office opens for registration at noon each day and clients are seen beginning at 1pm. No registrations are accepted after 3:50PM. Traffic tickets, RTA citations, curfew violations and other such “crimes” that carry only fines are not represented by the office.

Public Defender Office
The Cuyahoga County Public Defender office was created in 1977 to provide legal services to indigent adults and juveniles charged with violations of the criminal code. Cases are assigned to the Public Defender office by the judges of the Court of Common Pleas, General and Juvenile Divisions, and the Eight District Court of Appeals.

The 100 member staff of the Cuyahoga County Public Defender office includes attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, social workers, investigators and support staff. In total, the staff handles over 10,000 cases annually. Call (216) 443-7223 for more information.